Golf Balls

HOME is a unique site all about golfballs. Our focus groups are golfers, collectors and people with a general or specific interest in golf balls.

The background of this site is a large golf ball collection that comprises only unequal brands or brand types of balls. Logos or other differenciators are not focus of the underlying collection.

The idea of collecting golf balls and of making it public goes back to the 1970'ies, where the first balls were found and the 1980'ies where the first article was written in a German Golf Manazine.

Today, far over 1.000 different golf ball types and brands are part of the collection and can be viewed online. Anyone who likes to contribute to complete the collection by finding a ball that is not yet listed, is invited to send the ball to the contract address. He or she will - if wished - be mentioned specifically as the donator.


Information about the historical way of manufactoring golf balls are shown - covering gutta percha balls, feathery balls, the development of dimples and other classical methods of ball production.

Finally, we describe aerodynamics of ball construction, give background on number and form of dimples, weight and stability of balls. Contributions to this web site or ball donations to the museum are very welcome.


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